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Age:11 year old
Birth Date:Unknown
Country:United states United states
Last Visit:2016
Member of the Day on:October 27th, 2015

8shot is a confusing member.With only 800 views,there was a HUGE pink square on Top Members.He also got Member of the Day on October 27th.He has posted about 2,000 comments saying "Vote me for member of the day",Including on my profile.He knows Microgames alot more than he knows other people.8shot is currently level 17.He is a part of his 5 main groups,ThoseAwesomeBros,Five nights at sploder's,EVERYONE CAN JOIN! SO JOIN!!!!!!!!,Microgames friends,Game is life.He has 3 awards.One from Beachball,One from Microgames,and one from Thatcarterguy.


8shot was member of the day october 27th

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