The Ally is a robot-like Platformer asset that was added in the 2013 Platformer update. Allies hover in the air and shoot lasers at enemies that try to attack you. Allies can be killed by enemies and the player in just 2 hits (1 with powerful weapons or techniques).


An ally icon as seen in the platformer creator testing.

Screenshot 14

An Ally when following the player.


It appears as a a robot head that is about the same size as the bat.

What it does

It can follow the player like it is his/her friend. This is great for games that include the main character to have a pet.

Not to mention, in can also protect the player by firing lazers.

Like the player, it can die.

Graphics Support

It can support graphics, but does not require the maker to use a graphics sheet.


  • The Ally acts like an accompanying Probe.

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