Armor is a power-up in the Platformer games and is the 5th(1st), 6th(2nd), and 7th(3rd) shown and listed on the Power-ups Game Creator Category.


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All 3 of the Sploder armors. (With the exception of the "Stomp Ability."

Armor decreases the damage to you when equipped. There is no action for using it, because once equipped, it automatically blocks superior attacks by enemies. There are 3 types of armor and all armors are made for the Platformer creator only.
  • The first type of armor is level 1 armor, which is striped and wooden brown in color. This Armor blocks 15% of damage from enemies.
  • The second type of armor is level 2 armor, which is golden-yellow and supposedly made of clay. This Armor blocks 30% of most enemy damage.
  • The final and strongest type is level 3 armor, which is striped as well as the level I armor, but dark green in color and possesses diamond spotted patterns at the bottom. While this is the strongest Armor, its effectiveness depends strongly on which enemy is attacking it. For 65% of all available Platformer enemies, the Armor will block 45% damage from them.

Other effects for Sploder Armor

Armor can be placed anywhere in the creator, and can be used anytime, if the player can touch it. Placing armor is unlimited. (Albeit it lags the game creator.) Armor also re-spawns after equipped, meaning after your former armor is lost, the current armor can still be equipped. Armor can slightly increase your weight, causing you to fall down faster from the gravity in which the platformer creator sets. Shooter and robot game creators have a version of armor, but with different names.


  • The Armor and the Shield are the only power-ups in the Platformer games creator that directly decrease damage from enemies.
  • All levels of Armor are based off of real Armor used in past historic battles.
  1. The first level Armor represents primitive wooden Armor used desperately by Russian soldiers to fend off Nazi forces from Germany and soldiers from Joseph Stalin's army.
  2. The second level Armor represents Medieval Armor used commonly by Knights throughout Europe.
  3. The third level Armor represents Japanese samurai armor. This armor was said to be the most difficult of Armors to put on and take off repeatedly during wartime.