An Empty Avatar

An Avatar is the visual image of a Sploder Member, created by Geoff around the same time as the release of the Platformer Games in 2009. New users start off with an empty avatar, automatically given to them when first making their account. They may be able to customize their avatar by clicking the "edit your avatar" button on their home page.

If a member has at least 150 boost points, they can spend them on Premium Avatars, a new feature which allows for more diverse avatars.

Avatars appear when viewing a member's page, when reading a member's comments, or to represent members in general. They also apply to the Sploder Community Forums.


There are over 1,300,000 members of Sploder and increasing, and only 9% are active within 5 days. Out of these 1,300,000 members, 54.2% have non-default avatars. 

Premium Avatar

Goldensaur 96

A Premium Avatar

This is a special avatar that allow you to make different avatar with new features but not allowing you to use the original avatar's features.

Premium Avatars cost 150 Points. After paying the 150 Points and editing the Premium avatar, you've got a limited time for change the Premium Avatar for free (in case you didn't like the look of the avatar).

The "Shadow Avatar" Glitch

Sw0rd 96

A Shadow Avatar

A glitch in the avatar system was discovered in Feb 2012 by a Sploder Apple, allowing them to erase all appearance from its avatar, reducing it to nothing but blackness. This became a common phenomenon as over 20 users changed their avatar to the shadow within a few days.

Despite the face always staying pitch-black, the user can add other accessories on top of it without ruining the glitch, such as a hat, hood, or glasses.

On September 2, 2014, the shadow avatar glitch was fixed and the black option was added to Premium Avatars.

Suspended Avatar

If a member is suspended, when clicking on their profile, it moves you to a page says the member is suspended and shows you this avatar:

Avatar banned 96

Kinda crying avatar, you think?

Note:This avatar does not replace the actual avatar of a member.

Multiplayer Avatar

This avatar isn't a regular avatar and just like the suspended avatar no one can use it, it belongs to the multiplayer game creator to place where are the players' first positions before they join the game, the avatar is replaced with the avatars of the members joined the game.

Multimember it's 3 times shorter than regular avatars size.

Regular Avatar

Avatar This avatar is the more common avatar style. They are very simple, but there are still many different was to customize it.

Avatar Slideshow

this gallery is free to add images of the Avatars, you can add your own sploder avatars in here.