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Joined:May 12th, 2012
Total Plays:15,562
Contests Won:1
About Me:I am a kid from Croatia, joined Sploder 12th May 2012. (credit to Ridiculz) and I think I can make good games IF I WANT TO. I have good and bad days. Everybody has them, lol.
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Bijesnazaba is a member on Sploder. He joined May 12th of 2012.

The harsh beginning

Bijesnazaba's first friend was Jackboymogura123. For his first games, he mostly copied the themes seen in other platformers, such as Don't Trust the x or Escape from NOOB School.

Fame is coming

Empirestatebuild saw the quality of BZ's games, so when he was "leaving", he said: "Bijesnazaba. You are no one now. But you will be famous in a few months."

Who would've believed him? But, BZ's game Escape from NOOB School 10 was nominated for the Contest, back when Contests were still a thing. Bijesnazaba didn't expect anything to happen - it was a blatant copy, after all. However, later on it won the contest being his only contest winner up to date.


Bijesnazaba is an ordinary and friendly member. He hopes that one of his games will be good enough for a feature.

Other points of interest

Bijesnazaba is a Croatian word. If you'd translate it to English, you'd see that it would be AngryFrog. His preferred name was Doofenshmirtz, but someone was called like that, so he used Bijesnazaba.


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