Bosses are the most powerful enemy characters in the Arcade Creator. They have fearsome appearances, and some special abilities. They also tend to have a few weak spots.

A List of Bosses


Boss Rocky is being fought by the player

Boss Rocky

Boss Rocky is made out of blocks made out of rocks. It only appears in the Cave World. Relates to the Original Rocky in Forest World.

Rocky's weak spots are three red orbs on the chest and feet and the two bolts on one arm.

Boss Stompy


A player fighting Boss Stompy

A fierce and extremely tough boss that only appears in Cave World. Its weak spots are the hands and helmet.

Boss Polluto

Polluto is the only boss in the Forest World.

Its weak spots are the red orbs, one on the chest, two on each foot, and the 2 bolts on one arm.

Boss Crush

A very difficult boss to attack. He (mostly 'it') can fly and sting you!

Only appears in Tech World.

Its weak spot is the red orb, which can only be shot by falling right next to it.

Boss Altidrutron

A fierce boss wth a turret instead of hands and a electric ring on his waist.

Found only in Tech World.

Altidrutron's weak spots are his turrets and his waist.

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