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Ciaran8252 96


Total Plays:3,760
Contests Won:0
About Me:I What's up guys I haven't done sploder in years but you can still find me on youtube as CiaranPxelz
Member of the day on:No day

Ciaran8252 is a moderately popular member on sploder. He has achieved over 3,000 views, and has 100s of friends. He is pretty famous on the web. Ciaran has recieved 4 awards within a period of 24 hours. 100s of people play his games.


One day, a few years ago, Ciaran decided to play a game on the internet. Then, he saw sploder come up on his screen. He liked the site a lot, so he made an account. At first his games were considered to be bad. A popular series of lego war games that he created became very popular, but were hard on difficulty.

The Most Viewed Game

Ciaran made a game at the start of his account called lego kids mario game. Some thought that it was a very bad game, and with 2000 views, ciaran wondered how it got so popular.

The New Ciaran

The new Ciaran is aDoesn't check the website often and has technically quit sploder as of 2013

About me

What's up guys I haven't done sploder in years but you can still find me on youtube as CiaranPxelz

Hobbies: Acting, Filming.

Favorite Sports:

wuts dat

Favorite Games:


Favorite Movies:

does sonic for hire count? XD

Favorite Bands:

wuts dat

Whom I Respect:

Monty Oum, Iwata and myself


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