Commander-in-Chief was the highest Sploder Forums rank during the life of the Sploder Vanilla Forums, only had it ever been obtained by Geoff. It has also been obtained by alts of Generals. For example, ColonelSanders, alt of Jammyt2 was a Commander-in-chief.

Geoff 96 new

Geoff, 'Commander of Chief' during the reign of the Vanilla Forums.

After the fall of the Vanilla forums, so went the Commander-in-Chief rank because Geoff promised to stay active, which meant there was no need for any other commander-in-chief to step in while 'Big G' or Geoff finishes progress. It also had its risks, and Geoff was primarly worried about hacking and safety so he decided to let that go. Geoff has instead been renamed as 'Administrator', and no other user has had the priviledge of this rank.


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