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A contest is a weekly competition with total of 32 games each week that got nominated, only 6 out of the 32 nominated games win the contest each week.

Click here to see the current contest.


Sploder will be having weekly contests to spotlight the most clever and fun games designed by our members. You are the judge!

  • Monday: New contest - nominations begin!
  • Wednesday: The 32 most nominated games are chosen
  • Saturday: The winners are announced!

How it works

Logged-in members can all participate in the contest. Just look for the button on each game page, right under the title. If you like the game, click away!


You can nominate as many games as you like between Monday and Wednesday.


Once voting starts on Wednesdays, you can vote for up to three games.

Contest Winner

The top three games with the most votes will win the contest!

Current contest

Voting time!

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