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Joined:2013 (Unknown Date)
Total Plays:Over 9,000
Contests Won:4
About Me:I hold the record for most boost points spent on an auction and have earned the title "The Stud Scavenger." I accedentely found a boost point game spam, but I won't go all boost point crazy. I will make some chart to track real boost points :) the rest ar
Member of the day on:Member of the Day: January 12th, 2015

Coollegojack is a member on Sploder who is primarly popular for formerly holding the record for most boost points to win an auction with, being beaten by boytucker on 1/23/15, with 12,963 boost coins.

Coollegojack 96

Coollegojack's avatar


  • He only friends people he knows, as a result he has only two friends on the Mainsite.
  • He has an alt account called phyno
  • He's on the "today's top members" list a lot
  • He has won one contest with The Maze Of Death
  • His game Jailbreak got boosted for 12,026 boost points

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