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Joined:3 Years Ago
Last Visit:On frequently
Total Plays:1,521
Contests Won:0
About Me:I am 12 years old and I come from England [Huddersfield].
Name:Corey Eaton
Member of the day on:March 15th 2015


Coreye101 is a small account that makes mostly Platform Games. He is more known as TheBlueSun brother on Sploder. He is getting more popular as the years go by and has achieved the 1,000 view milestone. He also won Member of the Day on March 11th 2015.


The start of Coreye101.

2 Years ago Coreye101 started Sploder after hearing how popular his brother had got in his first 2 weeks. He first published "The Monster Game" Where you killed enemies to win the game. Unfortunately this didn't get as popular as he hoped and only has 30 views to this day.

His next game was the already popular series on sploder, "Total Wipeout" This gained him some popularity and the game got over 150 views. However never saw it reach contest levels.

Starting to get popular.

However last year he got to his peak of popularity by getting into the contest for the first time. This was with his game "ALS Ice Bucket Challenge". It didn't win however he saw this as a step forward on Sploder.

Recently Coreye101 managed to get another game into the contest, "Green Ball" This got popular after creating a challenge on it so people played it, again this didn't win This game has entered the contest a total of 2 times now (in 2014) but still has failed to win. However one positive is that this set the future for Coreye101.

In January this year he created a second account, Corton.

February saw "Green Ball" get into the contest again however for the third time failed to win and to make matters worse his brother thebluesun won it with his game "ALS Ice Bucket Challenge".

Finally noticed!

Coreye101 has finally won Member of the Day on Sploder. Without knowing he logged on to find his face on the MotD column. (March 15th 2015)


  • He has had 6 avatars ranging from different colors.
  • His brother is TheBlueSun

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