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Last Visit:Variable
Total Plays:105,476
Contests Won:3
About Me:Your favorite breakfast cereal.
Member of the day on:May 17th, 2016

Crunchynut is a famous member on Sploder. He is known for his username which is also a Breakfast cereal. He is also known for many Shooter features. He has 119 games. (22 of them are featured). He is also a Soldier on the community forums.

Reviews by Crunchynut

Written Sagacity From A Box Of Cereal a review of “Just One Moment” by 0minutes

This Game Emotionally Scarred Me, In A Good Way. [Apathy Review #2] a review of “Scarred” by jackjoshseb

Exquisite Thumbnail...Indeed a review of “SCH1z0 CAgE” by jcaldwell

Y U No Read Review? a review of “Astrone: Reborn” by ravicale

Im Out Of Witty Names a review of “K-os Door 2” by roosters

Does This Amuse You?? a review of “Amusement” by babybuster4ever

Crunchynut's Debut Review =D a review of “Dratogons Quest” by rule60

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