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Danger1 96


Age:17 (14 when he was suspended)
Joined:March 2013
Last Visit:August 2014 SUSPENDED
Total Plays:11,698
Contests Won:0
About Me:My name is danger1 i joined this game because my friend masterf1 said it would be a great game to go on so that's why i am here.
Member of the day on:No day

Danger1 was a famous Sploder member once notable for the huge amount of friends he had.

Friend Amount

Danger1 had around 25,000 friends by the time of his suspension.


Danger1 was first warned for online dating. He ignored the warning and was subsequently banned. Danger1 then made alts to continue online dating on the site and was IP banned. His main account was suspended sometime after for reasons likely related to his offenses.

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