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Joined:4 years ago
Last Visit:Variable
Total Plays:45,847
Contests Won:4
About Me:I'm just a member, who likes creating and playing games on Sploder. So... yeah.
Member of the day on:February 14th, 2015

Demonxz95. Is a member on Sploder who joined 4 Years ago. He is known for making Fun/Challenging Games on Sploder. He has 8 features. He is also a Mainsite Moderator, Reviewer  and Editor. He moderates the Mainsite Warn/Ban request thread the most, so he bans inappropriate users the most.

He is the moderator who banned Knee because he is bad and he makes inappropriate games.

Reviews by Demonxz95

  • One Small Step For Autumnwinter a review of “Gravity Gridlock” by autumnwinter
  • The Hash-Slinging Slasher a review of “The Graveyard Shift” by j0ji
  • The Journey Of Electrode a review of “Boomerman” by nextet
  • Minjaze's Ultimate Quest a review of “Bravequest” by minjazemunka241981
  • Triple Review - Petit Series a review of “Petit Flashback Part 1” by rich3001k
  • C O N N E C T a review of “Connection” by benno98
  • Gotta Go Fast, Bruh! a review of “Turbo Dash” by bobbler
  • I'm Attached To This. a review of “Magneticy” by daveyja
  • Adventures With Our Jolly Old Friend. a review of “Sinterklaas” by deepintotheden
  • Hmm... Jelly Mushrooms? a review of “Jellymushroom” by futuremillionare
  • The Undead Review-lution a review of “The Undead Revolution” by theundead101
  • Don't Mind Me, I'm Just Bouncing Around. a review of “Bounce” by sivershadows

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