Age:15 years old
Birth Date:20th August
Country:United kingdom United Kingdom
Joined:10th October 2012
Alternate account of:Kingoffangdams
Member of the Day on:March 13th, 2016

General Info

Fangdam7920 is the old account of Kingoffangdams. The account was left after Fangdam7920 wanted to start afresh, rebranding himself as a better game maker, rather than being known for the notorious PPG art games that Fangdam7920 had previously been making.

Fangdam7920 was a successful member accumulating over 50000 views (in total almost 100k on both accounts), as well as over 2500 friends. However, no features were ever made on Fangdam7920's account.


New account - Kingoffangdams.


»Level: 250

»Friends: 2520

»Games: 159

»Features: 0

»Views: 59047

»Average no. of Views Per Game: 371

»Favorites: 401

»Total Graphics: 394 (109 likes)

»Awards: 237

»Platinum/Editor Awards: 1

»Reviews on games: 0

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