The Featured Games section is a tab on the mainsite where editors can Feature or Unfeature games, based on how good they are. (this in terms of playability, gameplay, effort and enjoyability, among other things chosen by the editor.) Featured Games provide other members with the best handpicked games of the site. The section was first created in early 2008 as an idea for the Sploder Community Forums. Some old featured games (really old) have been deleted due to the lack of quality in games. This means there is no way of proving the first featured game but the first featured game standing this moment is "Maze-hem" by Noahsue.

Featured Games also provide Reviewers to review the games as editors thought they were good. Featured games are also shown in the member's profile. In the games section, there is the number of games then in slash shows the number of Featured Games. Like this: (Number of Games)/(Number of Featured Games)

For example, Screen Shot 2014-07-04 at 16.47.37

Featured Games

Featured games can be found here:

There are currently around 45,360 featured games so far.

Featured games can also earn their place in Epic Game Library if they are very good and successful.


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