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Total Plays:5,486
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About Me:Hi. I'm an idiot who sits on a chair all day playing games and making games. I am forced to exercise a lot :(
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Finley2007 is a member who joined in mid-2012. He is currently Level 131. As of August 20, 2016, he has 736 games. He is a unpopular user on Sploder.

IRL Life

​Finley2007 has a normal life in IRL. He is a geeky kid who has a 3DS, Xbox ONE, and a Wii U. He enjoys Pokemon, drawing, playing on the computer, and doing nothing. His favorite food is the cheeseburger. He has an unusual love for..cows.


  • He left back in 2015, but returned in 2016. He left multiple times, then returned. His favorite video game on the iPhone is Geometry Dash. He spends an avarage of 8 hours a day looking at a computer screen. He is learning how to program in C++. He is also learning how to program in the modified version of C# for Unity3D. He can make standalone games.[1]== References ==


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