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Freefallsonic 96


Total Plays:29,497
Contests Won:2
About Me:Changing
Member of the day on:December 16th, 2014

Freefallsonic is a very old member of sploder, around for 4 years, give or take a few months. He had many friends when he once joined, making him a great member. But tides turned when he said that jaden banned sceptile and he didn't do anything wrong, and got himself permanently banned. He was a very noobish member back then, but has learnt a lot from then to now. He begs of you to forgive his actions. He has once dated in the past. He has had a group of friends come to him every year, which he says is suspicious. First year he said he had 4 friends in his group, 2nd year he had 3, 3rd year he had many, 4th year he has 5.

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