The Fun and Games category is new to the forums (Tuesday October 9th 2012) and consists of some new and old categories. It is probably the largest category there is.

The Groups

Game Sharing : The place where everyone shares their games.

Gamers Plaza : This is where users can dicuss new game concepts, large public collaborations or gaming tips. (Note on Regular+ Members can access this page).

RPFG's : This is short for RFPG, Groups, Contests and Games, and this is where you find forum games which revolve around rating the member above you on something etc.

Reviewer Lane /Reviewer Applications : One of them is for publishing Reviewer applications (Reviewer Applications), the other for writing reviews for fun (Reviewer Lane).

Ideas : Where people suggest "New Forum" ideas and oother ideas to help Geoff.

Another new category created on the same day was The Cyberspace .

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