The whole concept of Sploder are the Game Creators. These Game Creators were created by Geoff on a flash adobe engine, and the first was implemented to the website in late early 2007. Game Creators can be accessed by anyone through selecting the "Make a Game" option on the members profile page or on the main 5 select screens.

The Game Creators currently have 6 game types to choose from: (Technically 4, excluding the Ship and Robot as separate Creators (And only 4 have been updated (3 excluding Ship and Robot) but only one was updated multiple times))).

These are the Shooter, (Both Ship and Robot) the The Algorithm Crew, the PlatformerPhysics Puzzle Maker, and the latest, the Arcade. There are 6 types of games you could make: 1) A Shooter game, when you pilot a robot. 2) A Shooter game when you pilot a space craft. 3) A 2D side-scrolling platformer game. 4.) An overhead screen featuring a complex spy mission game. 5.)A Phisics Puzzle Game where you design Graphics and then use them to make enemies and players. 6.)A Mario-like platformer filled with new enemies, abilities, and power-ups. 

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