The Game Creators are the main device of the Sploder Mainsite, (formerly the Forums in 2008-2009) and the lynchpin of the site's creation, created by Geoff.

There exist 5 different Game creators, (6 including the separate Ship and Robot creators, grouped under the Shooter genre.), them being the Shooter, the Platformer, the Algorithm Crew, the Physics Puzzle Maker and the latest creator, the Retro Arcade. In chronological order, the Shooter was launched first (2007) the Platformer second (2009) the Algorithm Crew third (2010) and the Puzzle Maker fourth (2011) and the Arcade Creator fifth (2013).

Game Creators have easy-to-use drag-and-click mechanics for users to make their own flash games and share them to friends. They can be accessed on the Mainsite by clicking the "Make a Game" button. From there, the 5 Game Creators will be displayed. (In the order Arcade, Platformer, Physics, Algorithm Crew, and Shooter). There is Other ones Retro is about a Adventure games so is platformer.Shooting is about skill and how good at controling.physics is a game for skill.

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