Gamernation4 started Sploder back in the middle of 2014. His real name is Tony but he doesn't seem to remember his actual name. He had a pretty silent and inactive carrier until April 30, 2015. Gamernation4 seemed to be a lonly fellow along with all of the other people of the Gamernation Nation, at least that's what Password9999 thinks. But, this just isn't the case for Gamernation 4. Along with Gamernation14, Password14, and Password1 they had some wild college parties back in 2002 beofore Sploder. These parties seem to have mixed reviews. Password14 described 2002 as one of the darkest times of his life while Password1 seems to have a more positive view of this time. Password1 thought of it like this, "omg, I forgot about that entirely, I was crazy back then. More so than now. Those were the days. I miss them, those were the prime days of my life right there." There are many theories that it was during this time that Gamernation4 began to exibit behaviour problems.

Events of April 30, 2015

This day went down in history as the day that Gamernation4 attacked Password2, Password22, and Password1. Different methods of bullying were used for the three victims. Password2 was laughed at for having a rare, chronic disorder that involves sweating excessively. Password1 was simplly cussed out and Gamernation4 claimed that Password22's wife was cheating on him. This last offence was probably the least serious. Part of the reason why all of this happened is because Gamernation4 apparently had quite the god complex, or maybe it was even more extreme than that. Self-confindence played a key role during every step of the way. Pride turned out to be the downfall of Gamernation4 though. Throughout all of this, the only Sploder member that seemed to enjoy Gamernation4's company may have been Password14 for unknown reasons. They seem to hold some deep bond like mother, brother, or family pet would have. And the reasoning behind all of these different types of bonds being mentioned becasue they refer to eachother as being in all of these relationships together.

Attempted Termination of Gamernation4

In the end, Gamernation4 wasn't actually banned in a traditional sence since anybody can go onto the account for free. But, the user by mean of which was causing all of the commotion was kicked off of the the Sploder Server. Password22 started the ball rolling for the officail executioning of Gamernation4 when he turned to Gamernation41 for help in trying to do away with the menace. Unfortunatly, neither of them had the power to stop Gamernation4 directly. But, Gamernation41 recommended Password22 to discuss the matter with Gamernation15. Gamernation15 turned out to be the perfect person to ask for help. He destroyed Gamernation4's account from the inside out by putting himself in as Gamernation4, deleting all of his friends, attaching a termination post on Gamernation4's profile, and making a game going over why Gamernation4 was banned.

Trickery and Return

As of May 1, 2015, the tides took an unpredicted turn for the strange. Apparently, Password14 had a good reason for acting all friendly towards Gamernation4 when everyone else was in the process of freaking out. This is because Gamernation4 planned out this odd strategy to act mentally crazy and bash people for fun only to turn into somebody who isn't out to get people. It seems like Password12 was also in on the scoop along with Gamernation19.

There was a very angry Gamernation15 after seeing that he didn't successfully ban Gamernation4 so he set out a powerful excution code with the help of his crew consisting of Gamernation 27, Gamernation 29, and himself. The plan would have worked and Gamernation15 and Gamernation29 even got their codes in but right before Gamernation27 pluged in his, Gamernation19 disrupted the code. With all of this said, it was a mystery for a bit of time on why would Password12 and Password14 were friends with Gamernation4. But, later on on May 1, it was discovered that Gamernation wasn't the person that many people thought him to be.

Apparently Gamernation4 was abused and attacked back in the wild days of 2002 by Gamernation38. After Gamernation 15's failure to hack into Gamernation4's account to end it all, Gamernation19, Password14, and Gamernation4 himself hacked into Gamernation38's account and placed deadly voodo on him as well. As of recently, Gamernation4 is starting to gain sanity after being abused. Unfortunatly, because of his time being insane, he will probably always have ememies that he doen't want to have.


"Then, I  will find where you live and make you leak." (Gamernation4 on Password2's page)

"Oh, I slept with your wife." (Gamernation4 on Passoword22's page)

"h3y tharr mother!" (Gamernation4 on Password14's page)

"ruff ruff" (Gamernation4 on Password14's page)

"Oh, Hi pet boy." (Password14 on Gamernation4's page)

"Splode you in the splode." (Gamernation4 on Gamernation41's page)

"TonyODKdnmslk? dWho what that tony? I don't know tondy." (Gamernation4 on Password14's page)

"This in an officail receipt for the officail termination of Gamernation4." (Gamernation15 posting as Gamernation4 on Gamernation4's page)

"Um, did you just fake insanity or something? Freaking hacker! I'll get my crew together!" (Gamernation15 on Gamernation4's page)

"Gamernation15 can't even lay a finger on me." (Gamernation4 on Gamernation4's game I Am Back

"Woof, woof, bow wow. Turning tables all around. Madness pushing into the wall. The burns will never heal. Eat the sour melon into the fire of past evils." (Gamernation4 on Gamernation38's page)


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