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Joined:Jun 29th, 2013
Total Plays:Over 11,600
Awards:130 Awards (1 Platinum)
Contests Won:2
About Me:I live in Brazil,my name is Felipe Jean(Sounds as Phe - li - ppe Jeê - an),I'm 13 years old,I like making draws, EVERYWHERE sometimes! lol I prefer to create Quiz games about specific subject, generally Psychologists. =)
Name:Felipe Jean
Member of the day on:September 25th, 2014
Games543 96-1--3

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Games543 is a member associated to two years ago (2013). He's very active, can be connected 15 hours uninterrupted, Veteran Sploder Game Maker Profile, Member of the Day: September 25th, 2014. He's Brazilian, Brazil, located in South America. Although, Games543 was never in U.S, he considers his second home, after joining the Sploder for the first time.


Games543 had an old account named Ygor2 in 2012, basically this account is a "Noob" account. His best game in the old account is basketball about 30 views and 2 votes, created in Thursday January 10th, 2013. Later games543 account started to be active, first game was in Monday August 11th, 2014, will destroy 3D Adventure Game Creator reaching to about 30 views and 2 votes. Second game, one of his best games ever, a combination of Pinball and Soccer (As a Sport) I created the pinsogol sport that's a weird name, but this weird game reached to more than 100 views.


Games543 was banned by the Moderator Lordeldar, months ago, for Advertising, after countless warnings from Aaqib. Scheduled for 3 days until Unbanned, for some unknown reason, passed for 4 days. Months later banned again 4 times, for the same reasons...

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