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Joined:December 24, 2016
Total Plays:0
Favorites:War of Zombies, Football.
Contests Won:0
About Me:Sploder Wikia:
Hi everyone, I'm William, A featured user joined to Sploder! in December 24, 2016.



Anyone wanna be my friend, Ask me in my Message Wall.

My work is make Sploder platformer games, I'm working in the new series "War Of Zombies".

My Sploder's Profile: gary830

My Current Awesomeness: 59
Name:Alessandro (Real Life)
William830 (Alternate Name and Former Account)
Member of the day on:No day

Gary830 (alternate name: William830) is one of the new users joined to Sploder, He works in Platformer Games, He made the game Mutant Creatures as a test, After Mutant Creatures, He is working in War Of Zombies series, And other games.


His previous old account William830 was changed to gary830, William830 has his profile page, gary830 make other user with the same name.

Games Story

In December 24, 2016
Gary830 has developed Mutant Creatures as a test for start more games, That can be played if you clicking this link here!
Later he planned make War of Zombies as the first games, Other games planned are Fire!, Sword Wars and more.

External Links

This list is about Gary830 (William830)'s games.

Game Name Release Date No. of Game No. of Levels
Mutant Creatures December 24, 2016 00 03
War Of Zombies 1 December 28, 2016 01 05
War Of Zombies 2 December 31, 2016 02 05
War Of Zombies 3 January 3, 2017 03 08
War Of Zombies 4 January 4, 2017 04 04
War Of Zombies 5 January 5, 2017 05 09
War Of Zombies 6 January 6, 2017 06 09
War Of Zombies 7 January 7, 2017 07 12
War Of Zombies 8 January 8, 2017 08 08
War Of Zombies 9 January 9, 2017 09 09
War Of Zombies 10 January 10, 2017 10 12
Fire! October 6, 2017 11 12
Sword Wars October 13, 2017 12 07
Gun Mayhem Maniacs October 20, 2017 13 08

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