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Hotstar101 was an account that was hacked by Nightshield10.  It was ran by Tundra.  The account was causing a couple of problems on Sploder.  The account would bully people on Sploder Heads and it would make inappropriate games often.  Most of them were against 12stasia.  One day, Hotstar101 was "saved" by 12stasia and the inappropriate games were deleted and the avatar was changed.  Hotstar101 was given back to Tundra though and the inappropriate games were restored.


Hotstar101 used to be an alternate account of Sheilagirl10.  Somehow Nightshield10 managed to get the password to Hotstar101 and he hacked it.  Nightshield10 let Tundra operate Hotstar101 and he let him make any inappropriate games that he wanted to make.  12stasia managed to claim ownership of Hotstar101 when Tundra changed hotstar101's email to 12stasia's email.  12stasia had the ability to change the password by sending a password reset request.  After she sent the request, she chose Hotstar101's new password, but was never able to figure out what the old password was.  12stasia contacted sheilagirl10 on her profile to see if she wanted her account back, but she never responded.  12stasia didn't want hotstar101 anymore and decided to make hotstar101 a public account.  It was hacked by Disgusting who was ilikeguy44 at the time when he hacked it.  Many months later, 12stasia ran into Tundra on Sploder Heads and she gave hotstar101 back to Tundra.  Disgusting didn't change the password to hotstar101 and 12stasia still remembered the password.  Tundra restored all of the inappropriate games on hotstar101.  The account will need suspension soon.


"Account saved by sophiethefox"

Hotstar101 had this avatar when sophiethefox aka 12stasia saved the account. Sophiethefox always used that avatar for the accounts that she saved:

Hotstar101 96