The HoverShip is a new vehicle in the Platformer Creator.


The HoverShip is a flying vehicle

The hovership. Once the player gets in it.... he can fly to Heaven.

released in May 2013 for the Platformer Creator beta. It can be found in the 'Power ups' category in the creator.

How to use

To get into the HoverShip, you must go up to it & press ↑ to enter it, & just simply operate it with the arrow keys. To get out of it, you simple find a suitable place to land and you come out automatically when the HoverCraft has landed. Press space bar to shoot lasers. Note well, the Hovercraft goes left or right, the lasers shoot left or right.

Graphics Support 

Like many other items, the Hovership can support graphics.

BE CAREFUL: when the sprite you made is animated, the sprite/graphic can get cropped in the middle in test mode, and maybe in the public release in your game. Be sure that your hovership graphic is not animated, and if it is, remove some frames, and leave the first one.


  • Bloon is the first Sploderian to make a HoverShip graphic (a UFO Bloon).

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