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Jaden964 is widely known as the user who created the most famous platformer game ever, "Temple Run", which has reached over 292734 views and FullstarFullstarHalfstarEmptystarEmptystar rating with 813 votes.

Relations With Sceptile

Jaden is also known by many people to be the reason Sceptile was banned, even though this has been confirmed false. The Sceptile incident started when Jaden published the game, "Temple Run". It eventually, got so many views. Sceptile noticed the game, and got jealous. He then told Jaden that if he privatized "Temple Run", he would give him 20 gold awards. Jaden didn't answer yes or no and Sceptile was later banned due to the comments he posted getting reported. He was then hated over the site from Sceptile fans, but he did not leave. He made many other games after that and still gets angry messages from Sceptile fans to this day.


  • He was already well known around the Mainsite before publishing Temple Run and the Sceptile controversy.
  • Temple Run was actually published before the hit app game of the same name.
  • People who publish angry Sceptile related comments on his message page often earned warnings or sometimes even get banned by the mods. Lordeldar is well known to give bans to people who post hate comments on his page.
  • He allegedly created a new account named "Pixelface" After acetile created a game "The sceptile story", Pixelface made a game called "The Jaden964 story". Even after "revealing" himself, Pixelface refuses to tell who he truly is.

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