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Last Visit:2010
Total Plays:15,509
Contests Won:0
About Me:a sploder member
Member of the day on:no day

Jason92007 (also known as Jason, Leo, Leonardo, or Cochi) was an infamous spammer and malicious member who emerged during the early Sploder Forums Community . He was known for hacking and harrasing members. He allegedly hacked Eimmon in order to have a way to interact with the community. He was known for spamming the lyrics of Surfin' Bird in the early years of his time on Sploder through the various accounts he created and hacked.

Relations With Ironmonkey

He is often associated with Ironmonkey (aka buddycocoloco), another malicious user and spammer, due to similar sociopathic behavior. It is hypothesized by some that they are the same person, which gained popularity thanks in part to a confession made by Iron supporting this. However, this hypothesis is controversial among older members.

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