Player next to the jeep.

The Jeep is one of the two car style features of the Platform creator, the other being the Rover. It is of a green color, and equiped with a turret. It also deals damage by ramming into an enemy. The controls are as follows:

Up key or W to board the car

Left/right or A/D to move

Up/W to jump

Z/X to control turret

The car drives faster than the player can walk, although it moves considerably slower when falling. The tires have suspension, so much so that if you drive through a spot slightly smaller than the car, the wheels will scrunch up to the body of the car to oblige and will drive through it. When you get on it makes sounds like a reving engine.

How is it different to the rover?

It has different patterns and style, plus it has a turret on top to shoot enemies. The rover does not have the abitlity to shoot (though both cars can run over enemies to kill them).