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Joined:April 30 2012
Last Visit:2016
Total Plays:6,803
Contests Won:1 (the game got deleted)
About Me:Hi my name is John2938 and I have made a couple of back up accounts I also have a brother on sploder and I have about ehhh 10 featured games Ill name some Roblox vs Sploder Part X, Roblox Obby Demo, Sploder Junior High School Part 2, Cowboy Skeleton vs the Dead, Sploder Award Show 2014, Heavy Rain Part 1, Ninja part 2 temple of light and more and I'm popular for them I'm also popular for my graphics, you should check both categorys out! and I have recently became member of the day I am really happy :D
Name:Anthony John Bausal
Member of the day on:March 29 2015

John2938 is a user that has been on Sploder for a long time he is some what popular and he has made 12+ graphics with 13+ likes and he likes to make WWE games, marvel games and survival games. He also has a premium avatar, although his games are cool he hasn't won a contest for them well there was one game that he entered in the contest and won for it but it got deleted on accident and was never restored when he asked to restore it on the restoring page the game was called "John2938 gets a job". People like most his WWE 1 v 1 games, mortal kombat games, and his new game Ninja 2 Temple of Light. He has recently been banned by lordeldar. For being banned forever without good reason John2938 decides to play roblox and never play on sploder again just like Sceptile did unless they agree to unban him

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