Jump is a platformer game made by Thrash56 currently in the Epic Game Library (EGL).

It can be played here:

It has also been featured at its time.

This is so far one of Thrash56's most popular games.

It has so far received 3 MS Reviews.

It has received over 17 sets of comments.


It was published on March 15th 2009.


It has received 8192 views, 3.8/5(76%) on average by 222 ratings or votes so far.

Screen Shot 2014-07-04 at 11.42.35

Game Description

Throw away your sword and shield; your only enemies in this game are gravity and the heat of the smoldering blocks below. Jump your way through this trying course of blocks, traps, and free falls to secure the ultimate crystal prize at the end of the maze. How far up can you make it before you fall back down? From the start until the very end, you'll find yourself jumping up, down and all around this map to reach block after block. Think you can complete it? Are you ready to make the jump?

EGL Description

This game has no enemies. Which is amazing to me how it is still so hard. This game's puzzles are great. This game brought out where your jumping and you have to climb your way up. This game made it because the advancement in jumping puzzles and traps that have now been brought into platformer.

MS Reviews

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