The Jumpy is a small enemy in the Arcade Creator that so far only appears in Forest World. It is an orange, rabbit-like monster that hops around and can bite the playable character if he/she is nearby. It also shares traits with Bunyips of Australian Aboriginal mythology.

Jumpy Pack Nipping

A pack of Jumpies in the arcade creator's Forest World making an attempt to nip at the player before he/she comes up to them.


  • Jumpy is the fifth weakest of all the current enemies in the Arcade Creator, followed by Snorkly in the 4th place, Lizzardo in 3rd place, Small Bat in 2nd place, and cave and hive spawners in 1st place.
  • The Ninja Boy is the Platformer equivalent of the Jumpy, as both are swift in behavior and movement, and both can chase the player.


ATTACK POWER ▬ -- -- -- --

SPEED ▬ ▬ -- -- --

CHALLENGE ▬ -- -- -- --


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