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knee02_24.png Knee02 << Konnichiha >> Korruptmod korruptmod_24.png

Joined:7 years ago
Total Plays:44,825
Contests Won:3
About Me:I'm a girl who has been here for slightly over a decade on another account that was hacked by some SPLODING IMBECILE.... I'm not active on the mainsite atm but hmu on the forums or discord amxnda#0247
Member of the day on:September 20th 2014

Konnichiha is a member of the Sploder Community Forums and is currently a Lieutenant on the forums. Konnichiha is the now active account of 'Charismatic', who was banned for posting porn on the forums. Charismatic was later given a second chance after using Konnichiha to get back into the forums. She now has the highest number of posts, reaching over 100,000.

Trivia* She used to be promotion banned on the Forums, but recently has been promoted to Lt.

  • She is an alt (alternate account).
  • She likes Mario Kart 8.
  • She is the main reason why Quavo got MOTD.

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