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Lightningshadow2 96


Joined:19th July, 2015 (Originally in 2012 with LightningShadow)
Last Visit:Unknown or Variable
Total Plays:18,453
Contests Won:3
About Me:Yo! I am LightningShadow2!I am one of Sploders Smartest and bravest members! But I am not sarcastic. There is no one on Sploder that I hate or dislike. I accept people who are actually my friends! I don't accept random requests.
Country:Australia Australia
Member of the day on:October 15th, 2015

Lightningshadow2 is no longer on Sploder due to the drama and wars that go on there

And his sidekick Thewikiamaster also left because of Shadowkidneys

LightningShadow is a bit of a sarcastic but nice user that loves making Mario and Sonic games. He uses Theundead101s graphics in almost all his games. He is a brave user and a pretty smart one. He does not stand wrong doing and he has a hater called Nightshield10. He knows Shadowslice in real life. He is one of Sploders only members who thinks of Megarayquaza as a best friend. His friend Betrrr is very inactive. And he was the first user to discover Nightshield10, as Legohead781. He is quite a nice user.

His email is

Future YouTube

LightningShadow2 has a Gmail account called LightningShadow Of Sploder that he talks with in Google Hangouts, he plans to make Sploder videos about the games he makes on Sploder. His real life friend = Michealthegreat7/Shadowslice also does that. When they both reach 16, they plan to delete their Sploder Gmail accounts and be a collab Gmail account with a new username. They plan to become famous YouTubers and make Minecraft and Lego videos.

Why he was Banned

It is mainly Nightshield10s fault he was banned! Either LightningShadow was trying to send a message to everyone warning about Nightshield10, or Nightshield10 told a lie about him. He was banned by an unknown moderator. He does not use his appeal. P.S. he was banned by moderator Heat6andking for givng Legohead781s (Nightshield10) accounts to Megarayquaza. He once made a game called "Help me! I'm banned" but no one treated him the same way as Megarayquaza so he removed it.


Lightning's friend Shadowslice though it was time he got unbanned. So Shadowslice went on his Thewinner2 account and requested Sivershadows to unban him. Sivershadows unbanned Lightning but everyone found out it was not Heat6andking who banned Lightningshadow2, it was Sivershadows herself. The ban may have been a good thing, because if it was never placed, Lightningshadow2 would have not been who he was today.


He had a Scratch account called LightningShadow, which got deleted. He said there he found a user called Nightshield10, and he was talking about it on Sploderheads. Legohead781 probably found the user name there!. He recently rejoined Scratch to make animations.

Other alts


  • All his LightningShadow accounts join together to create LightningShadow.
  • His LightningShadow2 account is banned.
  • Every Halloween he changes his avatar to look like a werewolf.
  • He tries to stop Nightshield10.
  • His first account was called the original LightningShadow.
  • He made some games on an everyone account called Thewinner2.
  • He is one of the only players who like Megarayquaza.
  • He used to despise a user called M0derator390. Now he is neutral towards him.
  • HE IS THE COOLEST MEMBER ON SPLODER NEXT TO GEOFF!!!! Second to LightningShadow is a mysterious user named Necrohazard.
  • He has a brother named "Hypersonic2014".
  • He is now Level 250, and he will be leaving Sploder soon.

Supershadow7 96
Last Visit:Unknown or Variable
Member of the day on:No day

With this account he uses it to fight people in Sploderheads and he acts really cool. He uses this account the most for commenting at the moment on Sploder. He says it is his mutated form like Sonic and Supersonic. LightningShadow uses the positive energies from the Chaos Emeralds and becomes SuperShadow. OH YEAH!!

He is gonna use this to fight M0derator390. On this account his comments sometimes disappear.

The account

When Lightningshadow2 was still banned, he used this account for commenting (before this he used Lightningshadow7), and some unknown people muted him twice with it. He made a game about him and Knee02 called "LightningShadow2 in Space DEMO", which was a memory of him and Knee02. He also made an artwork game called "A memory" which was about Lightningshadow and Knee02 in a Mario setting, standing at a jeti and viewing Peach's Castle. One is called "The Metamorphosis" Which is about him using the "Chaos Emeralds" to become SuperShadow. One is called "The Batcave Recreated in Sploder" which is about Batman. One of his greatest ones are "Sonic Unleashed Final Battle" about the showdown with Dark Gaia, and another game is "Mario Beach" where he tried to make good graphics and an arcade like appearance.

The account has:

  • 1 award
  • 11 games
  • 192 friends
  • is in 13 groups
  • 182 total plays
  • 24 best friends
  • No MOTD

Now that his main account is unbanned, he may be on the "Supershadow7" account very rarely.

His favourite emijo is: ⚡

Last Visit:Unknown or Variable
Member of the day on:No day

Every Halloween LightningShadow undergoes an extreme transformation. His muscular density increases, his claws sharpen, his teeth turn into fangs and his body becomes covered with lush heavy fur. He becomes a Werewolf, like Sonic the Werehog. As this, he has new ferocious combat skilles but is slower that his usual self.

But he is still so awesome LOL!


What the Werewolf avatar is meant to be is like SOnic the Werehog, but with a beard and darker fur. He uses the avatar every Halloween, and when he wants his alts to look tough and violent. So far, he used the avatar for all of his alts. For his forums account Lightningshadow7, he uses the avatar there so he looks tough infront of the moderators. Also in SploderHeads when he has this avatar, he usually makes howling sounds there.

The avatar is similar to his original one on his "Lightningshadow" account that he registered 4 years ago., only with ears and purple eyes. After the first time he used this avatar, he now doesn't wear sunglasses on his main account Lightningshadow2. When people try to bully him, he can always use this avatar.

When Thewikiamaster was still on his Knee02 account, and M0derator490 was Sploder's main threat, Lightningshadow2 used this avatar for the first time. The other reason he used the avatar was to impress people, like 12stasia and Powerup123313, which they seemed to give credit to him for having the avatar.

Yet this, there was never an account called "WereShadow" or anything that permanently has this avatar, because he thinks he has enough alts.

He has a Scratch account called LightningShadow47.

His email is

His Hangout/YouTube account is LightningShadow of Sploder. It's email is, which he will be on Hangouts.

He might also be on Vocaroo Voice recorder.