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About Me:I'm banned because i hated on the attack on Paris (Deal with it, *bleep*) I make prn games and i insult everyone. P.S. I'm above everyone P.S.S. This is a cool site: (inappropriate link)
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Lolghost (who could be Mariogame3333 or possibly Nightshield10 ) is another hacker in Sploder. He shares passwords on bugmenot and creates inappropriate games just like Disgusting, steals boosts points like Mena5000, delete games like M0derator390, guess passowrds like Neptus , spam games like Newaphlife  and changes avatar to the same avatar like Nightshield10. His started on November 16th 2015 when he made a game entitled 'Destroy Paris'. While others complained about his game and they cared about France. It stared when ISIS entered Paris and killed sloths inside. Now he shared a pornographic website on his about me (Warning: Do not open his link). He made inappropriate and hate games on his account too. Watchout he threatened to hack Spaceface2 to take over Sploder.


Lolghost makes very much inappropriate games, like Nightshield10. He insults LightningShadow, Theundead101, Supersonic2014 and much others for no reason. Somebody thinks Lolghost is Mariogame3333. He mostly makes games about two random members having s3x and nak3d members. He already made 2 s3x games with Supersonic2014. Supersonic2014 exteremly hates Lolghoster because of this.


After Geoff suspended Lolghoster (Lolghost's second account), he hacked Ghstmegarayquaza and made that his main account. though, after 3 weeks Geoff came back and suspended it.


After Ghstmegarayquaza got suspended, Superastroguy gave Lolghoster the password to Proxyaccount, and Lolghoster made that his new main account. He makes pornography on that account like everyone else does.

List of Hacked Accounts


  • He have multiple hacking abilites.
  • He has done worser damage than Neptus.
  • Hopefully he doesn't hack a moderator.
  • He other alt is in The Dark Tribe which is leaded by Nightshield10.
  • In late 2016, his second account Lolghoster was suspended but he moved onto an alt called "Ghstmegarayquaza".