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Last Visit:June, 2017
Total Plays:135,000 +
Contests Won:6
About Me:I thought of putting something here to help you get to know me, but that's incredibly generic. But I'm Lordsmelldar of Smellington
Member of the day on:August 20th, 2014
Lordeldar is a ModeratorEditor and a Reviewer on Sploder, and has been around for 8 years. he lives in the United Kingdom, and has 657 games of which 41 are featured. He was formerly a Lieutenant on the Sploder forums.

Lordeldar has almost 600 awards, including 10 platinum awards. Lordeldar has also been named best Mainsite Moderator of 2012 & 2013 for the MOTY contest. 

He mostly makes shooter games in which many of them are featured. He has many platformer games (e.g Demonic) featured.  

Popular Games

Some of his popular games include "The Warrior's Inn" , "Scorched Past" and "Killing The King".


  • Lordeldar had banned the user Sceptile once before. This has caused an uproar to the Sploder Main Site.
  • Lordeldar has often been referred to as the strictest moderator on the Sploder Main Site.

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