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Joined:June 2014
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About Me:Just an average guy, nothing to see here.
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Lostentity is a user on Sploder. His original acount was made in 2010 known as Sportsdude104 however, now he uses the account as previously stated Lostentity, on the forums he joined on November 1st 2011 as Sportsdude105, which is commonly abbreviated as just Sports.

Lostentity's Sploder Profile Lostentity's Forum Profile

Game History

When he first joined, Lost mainly spammed games, because at the time he wanted to have more games than Sceptile, eventually he left that account to go to one named Frostbiter, after a short tenure with that account he went for another short tenure with an account known as mcflasher before deciding to use two accounts, one which was for a rapping group known as the PFR, the other was for making games, those accounts were Lostentity and Minimumhatred, eventually he quit the rapping group, and since he hadn't actually published any games on Minimumhatred he went back to Lostentity as his full-time account, eventually he would create his first game and first feature on this account, Thug Life. After the fact, his second game Bittersweet would release for EGD 11, it would place somewhere between 26th and 33rd (I can't find the record for this EGD outside of the top 5, my game wasn't featured is something I do know so yeah..

Personal Information

Lost was born on April 19th 2002, he has a family of two brothers a sister, and two parents, he had three years of kindergarten, 6 years of elementary, and he currently is in his first year of high school, as he's in Grade 10. He doesn't actually have alot of friends in real life, so he talks with people online to compensate for that.


  • All of his siblings actually have autism, despite him not having any disorder of that kind.
  • He can type over 110 WPM, which is pretty fast, nowhere near the record of 200+ WPM however.
  • He isn't highly popular in real life or the forums, but nobody really hates him either, except a few people online.
  • Bittersweet was entirely made in a single day after Lost had half completely forgot about EGD/half his grandfather was visiting.


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Basic Info

Level: 69 Games: 2 [Published] 25 [Total]
Awards: 21 Graphics: 785
Friends: 628 Total Views: 5746
Play Time: 0:00 Total Votes: 172


Votes Cast: 8 Comments made: 5033 view »
Vote average: FullstarFullstar Tributes made: 0
Group Memberships: 0 Group Ownerships: 0


5-star faves: 90 Comments received: 2909
Favorites: 31 Tributes received: 0
Comment rating: 2.4102 Contests won: 1


[1] - 6 games


Forums nickname: Sports Registered: November 01, 2011, 04:49:43 PM
Status: Centipede Stars: FullstarFullstarFullstarFullstarFullstarFullstar
Posts: 25141 (13.568 per day) Karma: +1459/-0


Lostentity's Games

Games made: 34

Lostentity has over 34 games, so here's Lostentity's latest game. To see more of his games, click here!


Release Date: August 11th 2017

Creator: PPG

Levels: 8

Views: 38


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