The mace powerup.

The Mace is a powerup in the Platformer Creator.

In Combat

The Mace's description says, "A very powerful melee weapon. 20 swings per powerup." This is true, as the mace is the most powerful weapon. The Mace is not a reliable weapon for climbing walls, mainly due to the fact that its swings are short and it cant be swung several times over and over again, unlike the default Sword. The mace also shares this downside with the Big Sword. It is heavier than the regular sword, meaning that it makes the player fall faster. It is around the same weight as the Big Sword.

Outside of Combat

Like the other melee weapons, it can be used to destroy Cinderblocks and Sandblocks. Out of the three melee weapons in the creator (Sword, Big Sword, and this) , it is the most reliable for doing so, as it only takes three hits from a Mace to destroy a Sandblock, and it is the only weapon able to destroy Cinderblocks.

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