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Welcome to the Sploder Wikia, founded April 27, 2009! We are a free, anyone-can-edit encyclopedia with 674 articles that you can help edit! Create a page and make the wiki grow!


Sploder Wikia is an unoffical source of knowledge of Sploder. The wiki is used to keep log of updates, all the game creators, some of the Members and many other Sploder related topics.


Sploder Wiki is not affiliated with Sploder, or any other subsidiaries of Neurofuzzy Consulting IN ANY WAY.
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Newspaper Sploder Wikia Recent Activities

Community news
  • A new administrator has been chosen. Congratulations to Makever for his hard work to the wiki!
  • Chat is now open for everyone. Come in, relax, and interact with each other better than ever.
  • If you see any vandalism, please report it to an administrator.

Sploder news
  • There is a new game maker coming out sometime in 2016. How exciting!

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