Sploder's Moderator Swag Recruitment of 2015


November, 7th, 2014



Preceded By:

Sploder's Moderator Swag Recruitment of 2014

Succeeded by:

Moola's Magical Mainsite Moderator Matriculation

Mainsite Moderator Swag Recruitment of 2015 or also known as the The New Moderator Recruitment was the current moderation system for Sploder. The system went through many changes because many members complained that the system was too biased. The system is very similar to Sploder's Moderator Swag Recruitment of 2014.

How it Works

An applicant would apply to become a moderator by writting an application. They do so by answering a few questions and have to do the tasks given. The questions are listed below:

  • What are two problems occurring with the moderators? How can you fix it?</li>
      • Make up two situations that could happen in the main site. What will you do?
      • What does the Terms of Service say?
      • - What can you not ban a person for?
    In the application members have to come up with their own reasons why they should be a moderator. After a few days, the helper would reply whether an applicant passed or not. If they didn't pass, they would apply again 1 week after they sent their last one. They had to send it to another helper, they wern't able to send it to the same one until the applicant applied to all in total. Between January 1st 2015 to January 2nd 2015, the moderation system worked by sending an application and the soliders would vote who would become the next moderator.

    List of Helpers


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