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Last Visit:Variable
Total Plays:Over 5,000
Contests Won:None
About Me:Radioactive since 2011.
Country:Australia Australia
Member of the day on:November 25th, 2014

Manpoo is a member that joined in 2011.

He is active at the moment.

Who is he?

Manpoo is an Australian member that is always testing in the Physics Puzzle Maker. His most well known game is Pokemon S with over 300 views. He is also the leader of The Griffin Party.


Manpoo has nearly 400 games, and his most popular game is Pokemon S


Manpoo has lots of friends, but only the ones on his bests list he actually knows. He doesn't best anyone he knows in real life, as he wants to keep his bests list nice and tidy.

Where can I find him?

You can find Finn (Manpoo) on . He is there a lot, also send him a message on the mainsite, and he will reply.

His videos

Manpoo makes videos on his Youtube channel:

You can arrange to be in a Sploder Multiplayer video by messaging him on the mainsite.

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