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Last Visit:August 2016
Total Plays:632,894
Contests Won:12
About Me:Twitter: @xGarbett Youtube:
Name:Liam Garbett
Member of the day on:October 24, 2014

Maxliam is an inactive famous game maker, Moderator, Reviewer, and Editor, mainly for his professional skills in the game making sections. He is most popular with his old Glass of coke games. He joined in 2007, also he is the 140th account in Sploder and the fourth person other than Geoff and his test account Ggaudrea and Deadman to have an avatar. He is also the first Sploder member to join the Sploder Forums (other than Geoff). He also ranks as the 8th most viewed member on Sploder with over 724000 views.


  • He is tied for the fourth most featured member on the Hall Of Fame, along with Lordeldar, both having 43 featured games.
  • His "Glass of Coke" game made in 2007, has over 137,000 views and more than 17000 votes.
  • He is Geoff's first friend.
  • He won Member of The Day due to his popularity.

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