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Avatar banned 96 Account Suspended.

This user account has been suspended.

Joined:Unknown because this user is suspended
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Member of the Day On:Feb 19th 2015

Mena5000 is a suspended Sploder Member who has arguments with Pewdiekids1.

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Relationship with Pewdiekids1

Mena5000 always argues with Pewdiekids1 and a lot of members are taking note of that. Some members say "Stop Arguing and Make Friends With Each Other" but that hasn't happened yet. They could patch up but the chances are very low.


In late June 2015, Mena5000 was suspended by Geoff. Mena5000 was requested to be suspended by Randoe.


Mena5000 usually hides behind an alt called Danthegreatgamer. They use this more oftenly in SploderHeads Multiplayer Game.


  • Mena5000 is a banned Sploder member due to making inappropriate games about Pewdiekids1
  • A lot of people hated Mena5000
  • Mena5000 has hacked many people such as Gamergirlxd, Grantapus, Smartguy1, and lots of others
  • Mena5000 is the second Member Of The Day to be suspended, the other one being Plasticool
  • As of summer 2016, Mena5000 is back with a new account, Mena5000sback

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