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Joined:febuary, 2015
Total Plays:1,000
Contests Won:0
About Me:None
Member of the day on:October 5th, 2015


Microgames has a lot off friends. He has best friends, too, but he doesn't know how to put it on his friend list. Here are some BEST friends he has: 8SHOT, THATECARTERGUY, and AVATAARING123. He has more, but these are some oof his best friends. All together he has 425 friends. He likes o visit and do stuff with players. But the serious members are the members that he isn't friends with. Also, Unlike his friends such as Thatcarterguy, goldensaur, and megarayquaza who are in the Sploder Fighters, in witch microgames is completly oppisite of, and because of some of is friends are in the Sploder Fighters, it causes Microgames into trouble.


Microgames is basicly in love with the platformer creator, Because his game,World War V: Uprising of the dead turned into lots of members favorite gsmes. Its SOOO good but only has 71 views. acouple of people won this including Thatcarterguy Microgames and Thecoolknight. His last game was a platformer and was called Tribute to Thatcarterguy. His first game was retro, unfortunally.


go to Thatcarterguy .go to Goldensaur . Sploder Fighters . World War V: Uprising of the dead

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