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Futuristic enemy with a staff weapon




Kick, Energy Cannon

The Minion is an elephant-like  enemy in the Platformer games, and are the soldiers of the Mercenaries. The Minion is the 22nd enemy to be listed in the Enemies and Hazards Game Creator category. The Minion is an updated game enemy.


The Minion's face, although concealed, is orange in color. The Minion dons a dark-grey slanted mask that reaches it's chest, with two large prongs on each ending, and strange yellow ornaments on the top and sides of it's head. The rest of it's armor exhibit different shades of brown and orange, with the exception of it's black gloves and pants.

The Minion's height, like with most Platformer enemies, matches the Player's.


Energy Staff: The Minion uses a pole weapon with a blue crystal blade that fires bursts of energy at the Player. The Minion can fire these blasts 2 times a second, but despite this only lowers the Player's life bar by 5-10% per attack.

Powers and Abilities

The Minion is a typical Platformer game enemy, aside from it's ability to shoot projectiles. It can fight effectively on land and water (the energy blasts are more controlled and accurate in the water), but in the air it's energy staff blasts will likely all miss their target. 4 hits from the Player's Sword will defeat it, and 2 swinging crashes.

Enhanced Speed: The Minion's speed is that of an average Platformer game enemy, and rivals the speed of the Player. It can move 4x-5x blocks per second.

Enhanced Strength: The Minion is capable of kicking the Player a considerable distance and stunning them.


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