The Robot Player surrounded by multiple Mogura




Gravity Bite

The Mogura is an enemy in the Sploder Shooter games, and is the 21st to be listed in the Enemies and Hazards Game Creator Category. The Mogura is an updated game enemy. Only users of level 3 and higher can use this enemy in their games.


In the games, the Mogura is usually unseen, only its mouth is visible when attacking. In the Shooter Game Creator, the Mogura is depicted as a white oval-shaped insect with various crack marks surrounding it's body. It's exoskeleton is striped down the middle and sides, with many shades of grey in between.

The Mogura is a very large enemy, its mouth dwarfing the size of a Bug Meister or KOPTR, but this could just be the Mogura shooting up to the sky. (The Shooter games having an overhead view.)


Stat Stats to Player
Stamina: 20

5 to Defeat(Ship)

2 to Defeat(Robot)

Attack Power: 120

5%-45% Damage(Ship)

4%-36% Damage(Robot)

Weapon Power: 0


Speed: 75



Total: 215 215/300

Powers and Abilities

Inter-Dimensional Travel: The Mogura is able to travel through the "floor" of the game screen, a feat no other enemy can accomplish. Because it can go underneath the boundaries of the game, nothing can damage it. The Mogura can only be attacked if it rips through the "floor" to attack the Player when it gets close enough. In the instant it attacks, bombs, mines and megamines are the only weapons that can damage the Mogura.

Gravity Bite: When attacking the Player, the Mogura uses its mouth as a vortex, sucking in nearby moving game combatants, damaging whatever touches the rim of it's teeth or it's inner throat. The Mogura does this for 2 seconds before returning back to it's portal.


  • The Mogura is the only known "underground" enemy in all 4 Game Creators.
  •  Mogura is the name of the forum post rank. You unlock the rank at 30,000+ posts.
    • This could be because the Mogura's namesake is related to Moles and digging, despite it being an insect.
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