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Molly50 is an vilified Sploder member who is well known for evading bans and his main account is currently perma banned on both the Mainsite and the Forums. Molly's story began when he ignored warnings for bypassing and other unknown rule breakings and was reportedly banned for two weeks. This situatation rapidly escalated when he avoided the ban by using other alts and was literally trying to get banned while trying to secretly start up main accounts. Mods eventually IP banned him but this did not work due to him evading IPs by switching proxys and used this method for over a few months. Molly50 eventually stated he was leaving Sploder for good. The Ban Appeals said he left because he gave up using this method stating that all atempts to start up main accounts have failed. However it has been shown that he checks in his perma banned main account still despite saying he was permanently leaving months before.

In August 2014, an anonymous user hacked Molly50. He deleted all the hate games, changed his avatar, and changed the password so that no one bad would hack into it. A classic example of internet vigilantism.


  • This member is the most requested for suspension.
  • He is highly believed to be the member with most IP ban evasions evading more than 10+ times.
  • His main account is perma banned on both the Mainsite and the Forums.
  • He is vilified within the Sploder community. He is also well hated on sight and has several hate comments on his message page.
  • Surprisingly he has a very christmas award from Boredgame for unknown reasons.
  • Even though he has a girls name he is actually a male.

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