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nadia05_24.png Nadia05 << Nadia2005 >> Nadirahthedog nadirahthedog_24.png

Age:12 years old
Birth Date:2005
Country:United states United States
Joined:2016 (originally 2012)
Last Visit:July 2nd, 2017
Member of the Day on:March 28th, 2017

Nadia2005 is a member on Sploder who was banned for a long time for matching IPs with other banned users, but is now unbanned. She was known for having arguments with Nadirahthedog and also once had an argument with 44lifedollars as well.

Her original account was nadia05, who joined in 2012. Nadia05 was known for many more things such as cyber-bullying, hacking, and having arguements with more important users.

The only reason nadia2005 was created was because nadia lost the password for the original account, nadia05, to a hacker.

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