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Nikola44444 is Serbian user of sploder who has friends such as omega, religious2, maiphantomhive, vaxen, vaxen2, gamerboy556, timi4, thedarklord555, geodesigner, chloride2, and abe27633. He still logs in everyday. He has level 92, 130 friends, 12 awards, 1529 votes, and his average vote is 5 stars. He has 19 group comments, made 278 regular comments, has 60 5 stars favs, 8 favorite games, and his comment rating is 0.1364. He has received 225 comments.

About Nikola44444

Serbia version

Ja sam nikola44444, poznat kao Nikola Kelca. Imam 12 godina, I radim sploderu da pravim igre.

English version

I am nikola44444, AKA Nicholas Kelca. I am 12 years of age, and work on games.