Ninja Boy
Small enemy with mad skillz

Game Creator



Sword, Throwing Stars, Kick, Swinging Crash

The Ninja Boy is a human enemy in the Sploder Platformer Games. It is the 3rd to be listed in the Enemies and Hazards Game Creator Category. The Ninja Boy is an original game enemy.


The Ninja Boy's physique is similar to that of the Player's, only slightly smaller. It dons a traditional ninja uniform, wearing a belt around it's waist dressed in all black. The Ninja Boy's skin is a light green and the only facial feature visible are it's eyes.


Stat Stats to Player
Stamina: 45

4 Sword strikes/

2 swinging crashes

Attack Power:



12%-16% Player health

Weapon Power:

(Throwing Stars)


5% to Player health

Speed: 109

Player speed=100

Total: 224 224/400


Sword: The Ninja Boy uses a katana blade as it's main weapon. One hit from this sword deals the Player 12%-16% damage, and the amount is doubled in a swinging crash.

Throwing Stars: The Ninja Boy uses these as long-range projectile weapons. These stars come in infinite amounts, can break sand blocks, and cannot be blocked by a Shield. Despite this, they are very slow, and can be easily out-runned by the Player. Each star deals 5% to the Player's life bar, and won't disappear until they hit a solid object.

Powers and Abilities

The Ninja Boy has the most attacks and weapons combined out of any Platformer game enemy. It is very agile and is one of the few enemies that can fight effectively on land, water, and in the air. Despite this, it is not very durable. 3-4 hits from the Player's Sword can kill it, and two swinging crashes.

Enhanced Speed: The Ninja Boy is one of the fastest land-based enemies in it's creator. It can run slightly faster than the Player, (traveling more than 6x blocks per second) and can even catch up to him/her when climbing up walls or going through dark areas and mazes.

Enhanced Mobility: The Ninja Boy is a very acrobatic enemy, able to fight on any terrain equally with the Player, and can move through advanced obstacles courses that only a few other enemies are capable of.

Enhanced Strength: The Ninja Boy has the ability to kick the Player, throwing them back a considerable distance and stunning them. The Ninja Boy, using it's sword, can easily climb up walls.


  • The Ninja Boy is the most versatile enemy in the Platformer Game Creator. It can use a total of 4 different attacks, (throwing stars, sword, swinging crash, kick) more than any other enemy is capable of.
  • They say "Hey!" when you come towards them and fight them. Which makes them the only enemies to use an english word.

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